Mehmaan-e-Bahar by Ashfaq Ahmed

Mehmaan-e-Bahar by Ashfaq Ahmed
Mehmaan-e-Bahar by Ashfaq Ahmed
Mehmaan-e-Bahar by Ashfaq Ahmed

Mehmaan-e-Bahar by Ashfaq Ahmed is an Urdu novel. Here you can Free download or read online very interesting Urdu book “Mehmaan-e-Bahar” by Ashfaq Ahmad. This book is about interesting moral stories related to Pakistani society. 

Ashfaq Ahmad always writes that matters. There are about different stories by Ashfaq Ahmed. Pakistani people love his writings, stories, and events. He writes in a very beautiful way which keeps the readers reading.

Ashfaq Ahmed (Urdu: اشفاق احمد‎) was a writer, playwright and broadcaster from Pakistan. He authored several books in Urdu. His works included novels, short stories and plays for television and radio. He was awarded President’s Pride of Performance and Sitara-i-Imtiaz for meritorious services in the field of literature and broadcasting. After Partition, when Ahmed arrived at the Walton refugee camp with millions of other migrants, he used to make announcements on a megaphone around the clock. Later, he got a job in Radio Azad Kashmir, which was established on a truck that used to drive around in various parts of Kashmir. He then got lectureship at Dayal Singh College, Lahore for two years. Whereafter, he went to Rome to join Radio Rome as an Urdu newscaster. He also used to teach Urdu at Rome university. During his stay in Europe, he received diplomas in the Italian and French languages from the University of Rome and University of Grenoble, France. He also earned a special training diploma in radio broadcasting from New York University.


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