Suspense Digest – February 2020

Suspense Digest – February 2020
Suspense Digest - February 2020

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Monthly Suspense Digest which is the largest monthly circulated Urdu Language Suspense Magazine in Pakistan. It contains dozens of Urdu Novels, Pakistan Magazine, Urdu stories & much more. It was first initially published in 1972. Its publication is a member of All Pakistan Newspaper Society since 1986. Suspense Digest is very famous in Pakistan and many popular story writers of Subcontinent are associated with this magazine. The digest long running suspense novel is Devta that was published from 1977 to 2010 and was well appreciated by the readers.

February 2020 edition of Suspense Digest contains the following articles/titles:

Sr. No. Title Name Page No.
1.Inshayiya by Joan Alia07
2.Aap key Khat by Editor in Chief08
3.Aakhri Taaqub Tak by Dr. Sajid Amjad14
4.Gehri Chaal by Najma Moodi51
5.Haasil Zindagi by Tahir Javed Mughal61
6.Sheh Zor by Asma Qadri70
7.Suraagh by Shakir Latif101
8.Be Lagam by Malik Safdar Hayat122
9.Qaatil Kaun by Nasreen Akhtar Naina155
10.Badla by Tanveer Riaz167
11. Mehfil Shair o Sukhan by Readers 178
12.Gosha-e-Tanhai by Mazhar Saleem Hashmi181
13.Jaaney Ki Jaldi by Manzar Imam185
14.Dhoka by Anjum Farooq Sahili189
15.Aatish Zer Paa by Tahir Umair192
16.Gawahi by Shah Zain Rizwan219
17.Hazrat Hussain Bin Mansoor Halaz by Rizwana Sajid227
18.Naseeb by Ghulam Qadir237
19.Dhund by Saleem Akhtar261
20.Saasha by Umar Abdullah264

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