Kiran Digest – May 2021

Kiran Digest – May 2021
Kiran Digest - May 2021

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Monthly Kiran Digest May 2021 is another famous digest of Pakistan, which promotes Islamic Articles, Ahadtih, Moral and Reforming Stories, Social and Romantic Novels, Health and Fitness Tips and Much more in Urdu Language.

مہربانی فرما کر پبلیشرز کے حوصلہ کے لیے خرید کر پڑھیے۔

May 2021 edition of Kiran Digest contains the following articles/titles:

Sr. No.Title Name
1.Hamd by Iqbal Arzoo
2.Naat by Khushi Saranwali
4.January ki Sard Raatein Hein Taweel by Insha Jee
5.Meri Bhi Suniye by Zainab Ahmed
6.Muqabil Hai Aina by Aisha Kiani
7.Daar Man Sahab by Mehwish Iftikhar
8.Mairey Hum Nafs, Mairy Hum Nawa by Asia Mirza
9.Seemab by Umme Haani
10.Kinaar Khawab Joo by Farrah Bukhari
11.Aadam Aur Hawa by Memona Sadaf
12.Kaanch Sey Saiban by Misbah Ali Syed
13.Kaanch Sey Saiban by Misbah Ali Syed
14.Zindagi Key Shajar Sey by Zara Hinjra
15.Kirdar by Umme Aqsa
16.Tum Kaafi Nahi by Hooria Batool
17.Insan Sift by Kaneez Zahra
18.Neelam Pari by Lubna Jamshed
19.Sidra On Diet by Khush Bakht Mushtaq

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