Jasoosi Digest – October 2006

Jasoosi Digest – October 2006
Jasoosi Digest - October 2006

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Monthly Jasoosi Digest which is the largest monthly circulated Urdu Language Jasoosi Magazine in Pakistan. It contains dozens of Urdu Novels, Pakistan Magazine, Urdu stories & much more. All the stories are really meaningful and really readable. Readers can not leave these stories without reading. The great combination makes the title of Digest amaze and famous.

October 2006 edition of Jasoosi Digest contains the following articles/titles:

Sr. No.Title NamePage No.
1.Cheeni Nukta Cheeni by Editor in Chief11
2.Aakhri Faraz by Ahmed Iqbal16
3.Mashkook by Mirza Zafar Baig63
4.Mustaqbil Shanas by H. Iqbal70
5.Imtehan by Madiha Shah117
6.Zanjeer by Rizwana Manzir125
7.Devi by Tahir Javed Mughal132
8.Zaban-e-Zanjeer by Zahid Gardezi175
9.Naqab by Najma Moodi182
10.Chehra Dar Chehra by Umair Shah201
11.Tameel by Samar Abbas211
12.Sardar by Riffat Raza221
13.Barhey Mian by Kashif Zubair224
14.Kaar-e-Musalsal by Asma Qadri244
15.Khumair by Mehmood Ahmed Moodi268
16.Fateh Naseeb by Rukhsana Shakeel294
17.Asma ul Husna by S. M. Qadri317
18.Tarash Kharash

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