Jasoosi Digest – December 2007

Jasoosi Digest - December 2007
Jasoosi Digest - December 2007
Jasoosi Digest - December 2007

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Monthly Jasoosi Digest which is the largest monthly circulated Urdu Language Jasoosi Magazine in Pakistan. It contains dozens of Urdu Novels, Pakistan Magazine, Urdu stories & much more. All the stories are really meaningful and really readable. Readers can not leave these stories without reading. The great combination makes the title of Digest amaze and famous.

December 2007 edition of Jasoosi Digest contains the following articles/titles:

Sr. No.Title NamePage No.
1.Cheeni Nukta Cheeni by Editor in Chief11
2.Doosra Rukh by Shagufta Parveen18
3.Takhta-e-Mashq by Madiha Shah63
4.Mustaqbil Shanas by H Iqbal70
5.Anmol by Asif Zubair119
6.Devi by Tahir Javed Mughal132
7.Dast-e-Qaatil by Rizwana Manzir177
8.Kahani Kaar by Samar Abbas189
9.Barf Ka Aadmi by Mariam K Khan197
10.Sehat Aama by Kashif Zubair207
11.Pandaar Guzeeda by Asma Qadri222
12.Ian Stine Junior by Shakil Idris256
13.Chotey Log by Parveen Zubair290
14.Tarash Kharash by Idara-e-Qaraeen

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